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J.B. Tinoco Dental Management, Inc.


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Joffry B. Tinoco, DDM, will help you find the right dentist, the right financing plan and set up your appointment.


Dentistry runs in the family for Joffry Tinoco. Inspired by successful dentist relatives in the Philippines, he decided to follow in their footsteps and graduated as Doctor of Dental Medicine at the Centro Escolar University, the Philippines. After passing the Dentist License Board Exams with honors, Joffry established the Kool-UpZ Oral Care Station in Manila as owner and General Dentist.

Joffry’s ambition is to be able to learn more about the modern advancements in the field of dentistry. Whatever the latest is in terms of technology, modern and up-to-date technique, equipment, materials and instruments… these are all included in Joffry’s checklist. His specific areas of interest are Prosthodontics and Oral surgery. Joffry is affiliated with Dr. Frank V. Peritore, with offices in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and in Long Island, New York. Joffry is also affiliated with dental clinics in Queens and Manhattan as Treatment Coordinator.

Joffry, being a dentist not only by profession but also by heart has deemed it right to take advantage of what he has and what he knows, to be able to assist and help those in need of dental treatment. J. B. Tinoco Dental Management, Inc. is a dentists’ directory and more.

When you need someone who feels like family to help you find the right treatment, the right financial arrangement and the right dentist Joffry B. Tinoco Dental Management, Inc. will be there for you to provide the finest quality dental care in a friendly, timely and professional manner.

JB Tinoco Dental Management Inc.
E-mail : joffry@jbtdental.com
Tel: (718) 536-6700


Find a Right Dentist
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Set up Payment Plans
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