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Looking for a Dentist who is right for you and your family is quite a tedious task. Let's make it simple as we help you find the perfect Dentist for you. Here are some tips which you might want to consider:


Ask around. The best way to find the right Dentist is by asking family, friends and colleagues where they go for their dental concerns.

Know what kind of Dentist you need and want. Not all Dentists are created equal; more so, Dentistry has a lot of branches where Dentists may specialize on.  
Look for a Dentist who holds office nearby. Location is a key because some dental procedures need several seating appointments. It would be of great help if it is not a hassle for you to visit your dentist on scheduled appointments.
Check on the Dentist's license and his credentials. It is important that who you are dealing with is licensed and has adequate and in-depth knowledge of the field.
Accreditation to Insurance. Is the Dentist accredited to the insurance company who protects you?
Budget. It is a known fact that dental procedures nowadays are a bit pricey. Always be aware of the prices before having procedures done.
"First Impressions Last" . Your first impression on your Dentist would help you a lot in deciding if he or she is the perfect one for you.

  My ultimate goal is to provide my services to areas that are in need while advancing the science of dentistry through research. In order to provide the very best care we must recognize the importance and value of research and the application to clinical practice.

The goal of my business is to provide the finest quality dental care in a
friendly, timely and professional manner.
We are strongly committed to excellence and strive to enhance each patients quality of life.

Joffry B. Tinoco

  "... Joffry is the Treatment coordinator with 9 years’ experience in the dental field, and facilitating financial arrangements. Joffry has vast knowledge in all aspects of dentistry. He is a master of clinical floor details..."  

"... Mr.Tinoco duties are to clarify the treatment and answer any questions the patient may have and assign the patient to the associate doctors. His communication skills are remarkable; this is best demonstrated when I hear him talking to the patients. He is not shy nor feels intimidated by his accent, in explaining the treatment plans and answering the patients’ questions. This trust and confidence can be seen in patient’s response, which is highly is impressive..."

  "... I was impressed with his dental knowledge, not only, theoretical but also he has kept up with the latest technologies and advances in our field. In addition, the fact that he helped organized and participated in outreach programs to help his community, was immensely touching..."  
  "... But beyond all that, the most inspiring aspect of Dr. Tinoco is to see him leave his successful practice in the Philippines to come to the United States and fulfill his dreams of becoming a dentist in New York. His compassion is further demonstrated by the fact that he had to put his dream on hold for 3 years, to financially support his sister to attend college..."